1. Lower costs – Many small to medium businesses use freelancers for this reason. Freelance Graphic Designers are able to offer your business big savings compared to agencies. Overheads are lower, usually working from home or sharing space with other freelancers, so savings get passed on to clients.
  2. Flexibility – Working as a freelancer means greater flexibility in hours. One of the main reasons designers become freelancers is the flexibility to work the hours they prefer, sometimes working late into the night when inspiration hits. The advantage for clients is that we are checking our emails at all sorts of “ungodly” hours, so many like me, will respond to evening and weekend emails – No 9 to 5 here!
  3. Personalised Service – When you hire a Freelance Graphic Designer another benefit is that you are in direct communication with the person working on your project. No in between people passing on messages from client to designer and vice versa. The designer gets direction straight from the horses mouth, so to speak! This is really important when you are trying to convey your business message, it can save a lot of time working directly with the designer. If distance isn’t an issue, meeting in person initially is also an advantage, the designer can get to know you and your business first hand, and provides greater insight into a clients business and their vision for the project at hand.
  4. WYSIWIG “What You See Is What You Get”  When you are searching for a freelance graphic designer to work on your project the first thing you will probably research is their previous work, viewing a designers’ portfolio will help you decide if you like their design aesthetic and also if they have the necessary experience to work on your project. Agencies will often have multiple designers working for them and you won’t know who will be handling your work. Working directly with the designer you know exactly the type of work they have done in the past, ensuring you work with the designer of your choice and you know your project won’t be juggled around!

by Leah Yiannis

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