Why Logo Design is Important for your Business.

Your logo is often the first impression people have of your business, how you are perceived by potential customers can make the difference in your business success. A logo represents a company’s brand or corporate identity. A great logo design can build customer recognition for your brand, gives you credibility, builds trust and communicates your business vision and values.

It is a well known fact that you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of website visitors, often when people are scanning the internet for a product or service online they will come across many businesses offering similar services, they will usually pick one business over another purely based on which visually appeals to them the most, your logo is a big part of that as is represents your company’s identity.


Why Invest in a professionally Designed Logo?

Logos are designed to represent a company’s brand or corporate identity, a logo will ensure you give your business the best start towards success, but all logos are not equal.

A poorly designed or amateur looking logo can reflect badly on your business image. You want to instantly grab customer’s attention in a positive way, a great corporate image could be the difference that makes customers contact you instead of your competitors.

A professional logo design gives your business credibility and creates a feeling of trust, most people are willing to pay more to have a relationship with a trusted company that has invested in being around for many years to come. Think of when you are in a supermarket. We are told the generic brand offers the same quality just without all the marketing and fancy packaging, then why is it that we tend to gravitate towards the name brands? It’s not just the colourful packaging it’s the relationship we have built with that brand and the trust that has developed knowing they are not a two bit company and that we are purchasing quality and a guarantee of satisfaction.

Investing in a logo design for your business can really pay off in the long run and your business will reap the benefits of building a positive brand now and into the future.


What Constitutes a successful logo design?

You know you have a successful design when your logo says it all! It should convey your company’s vision and position in the marketplace. Simplicity is key, it should communicate a concept effortlessly, create a strong visual impact easily, think the Nike ‘swoosh’ and the Apple logo, iconic logos are memorable and timeless.

Checklist for creating a great logo:

  1. KISS – keep it simple stupid, the most powerful and memorable logos are the simplest. Complicated logos with too many things going on lose impact.
  2. Know what it means – every great logo has a story to tell and we are all in the business of telling our story.
  3. Timeless design – The best icons stand the test of time. Don’t rely on trends as they come and go and can quickly look dated and gimmicky.
  4. Colour is important – but don’t rely on colour alone, a great design should work in colour and in black and white.
  5. Choose a compatible font – poor choice of font or using too many font styles can make your overall look seem un-professional. Find a font which matches your icon and keep it consistent.
  6. Originality – creating a bespoke logo designed specifically to your brief ensures your logo is unique to your business, using generic logo design software or stock art images can be a big mistake when you discover someone else is using the same design.
  7. Keep it Consistent – Consistency is absolutely key in building an audience. Ask your designer to create a Corporate Identity Manual, which are used to provide guidelines on how logotypes, fonts and colours can be used, this ensures your logo is consistent when reproduced for print and web design.

by Leah Yiannis

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